The Last Word

If you were to sum up the main focus of this issue, the cleverest of readers would declare, “Tuition is the Issue.” And it is. We are not satisfied with the current state of our UC education, with fee hikes jeopardizing our enrollment, budget cuts shutting down our programs, and the future of California college students at stake. But more than that, this Alkalima issue is centered around action, whether it is finding ways to have fun that are meaningful and fulfilling, a message which emanates from the piece that encourages “Keeping it Halal,” or whether it is attempting to counter ignorance and racism found in today’s society, a call to action found in a riveting opinion article which forces us to consider “What it Means to Be American.” What we are trying to relay, then, is a message that calls for reflection, collaboration, and action.

It is crucial to understand the common thread amongst all our articles, for each and every piece written for this issue builds upon those concepts in a different way. All of the topics covered in this issue force us to reconsider, rethink the status quo. They try to focus on what the problem is, whether it is lack of understanding, an issue with apathy, or the need for more collaborative effort. Already, in the past months, we have seen that as a campus, we have the capability within us to inspire awareness, create consciousness and initiate action.

The kind of magazine we have aimed to produce for the campus community is unique not only in its content, but its vision. We want to fulfill the role of a dynamic and forward-thinking publication on campus, one that embodies the message of this very issue. It is our goal to create a forum for conscientious students whose voices are not present elsewhere, bringing to light topics which are often overlooked or underrepresented. It is a magazine fashioned and molded specifically for the very unique campus at the University of California, Irvine. Alkalima is a magazine that has arrived for a campus and community that is ripe for action, ready to fulfill its promise of enormous potential.



Photo by Sarah Larbah

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