Crimson, pure, delicate,
The rose stands tall.
Her beauty, mesmerizing,
Every observer, she enthralls.

Droplets upon her velvet petals
Magnify her radiance.
Iridescent prisms of color glisten
Her flawlessness, they enhance.

Her perfection cannot be touched
No matter how much one desires.
For the rose protects herself
With her own piercing attire.

As the silk cocoon of the butterfly
Shields it’s fragile wings,
As the lush leaves of an apple tree
Protect the succulent fruit it will bring,

The needle-like thorns of the rose
Ensure she remains untainted,
Unmoving, unchanging,
Like a scene precisely painted.

She becomes no less in her beauty,
But more meticulously refined,
Her splendor and her modesty
Simply grow intertwined.

Her brilliance does not compare to pride
For it will never dim, nor fade
Tender petals, the rich, vibrant hues
Remind her of the beauty God has made.

Radiating a constant glow
Her beauty is exquisite.
She reveals herself to no one,
Only to God, she will submit.

IMAN SIDDIQUI is a second year Biological Sciences major at the University of California, Irvine

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