The Last Word

We live in an ‘age of change,’ where everything around us is transitory. Whether it is our modes of communication and interaction with one another, the increasing lack of priority placed on higher education, or the toppling of dictator regimes in the Middle East; change is evident in every aspect of our lives.

On one hand, evident through the Arab Spring, these changes inspire us to take action and understand our power as youth. On the other hand, we are also placed in difficult and despairing situations as with the changes taking place in our own education system.

In this issue of Alkalima Magazine, we hoped to shed light on the changes taking place in almost every aspect of our lives as students, and the implications of such transformations. With technology at our fingertips, Information Overload examines the level of personalization prevalent in our online experiences as search engines cater towards our unique and personal interests and its effect, or lack thereof, on our ability to look past information ‘bubbles’ and seek to understand the world impartially.

With the rising budget cuts at UC Irvine, we hope to broaden our perspective on education through looking at various education systems around the world. Education at Home and Abroad allows us to better understand the world of education outside our own backyards, with the hope to learn and improve the quality of our schools.

And while the Occupy Movement has gained great momentum across the nation to demand for change, student protests on the budget cuts have not. Generation Vexed inspires us to stand firm and change our circumstances through thoughtful and pro-active means. Ten Years After 9/11 provides a new hope for Muslim Americans to move forward and surpass the stereotypes faced in the last decade. Seeking meaningful change, Muslim Americans are hopeful to begin a new chapter in American history, one that transcends all prejudice and leads to a harmonious existence.

Undoubtedly, change has been a part of human existence since the beginning of time. Yet, one must question whether these sweeping transformations are paving a way for progress or are holding us back from realizing our own potential. And whilst change is inevitable, we have the ability to differentiate between changes that are beneficial or detrimental as we seek to fulfill our true purpose in this world. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. With education as our greatest apparatus, each one of us has the ability to call upon positive change within ourselves, our campus, and in our community at-large.

-Mehwish Shakeel

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